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This summer, the US men’s basketball team to take a luxury cruise to Rio de Janeiro to participate in the Olympic Games. Cruise on the big man specially prepared for the big bed, as well as a variety of leisure facilities. But the Raptors defender DeMar – demar derozan jersey australia said he had never slept on that, he spent too much time to speculate on the Rio Olympics.


Of course, excuse, in addition to the Olympic Games itself brought about by the tension, he also need to worry about their own life safety issues.

But in fact really disturbed his sleep is the alarm clock. De Luozan revealed that he had to get up before 6 o’clock every morning, under the dark days, the whole yacht are in full quiet – in addition to the occasional creak and the waves of Guanabara Bay. In such a dim and quiet, he will quietly drove through the level, climbed a car, where waiting for two trainers, his cousin, the preservation of the Raptors and a fully armed bodyguard. In the drive through the half an hour in Rio de Janeiro will slowly rise in the winter, De Luo Zan remember now still bittersweet. This hard work is enough to make anyone one of the best players in history, of course, this is not easy.

The end of the trip is the flamenco stadium, this is located in the high wall inside the old arena, will be the next Kobe Bryant jersey australia .

demar derozan grew up 15 miles from the Staples Center, and grew up playing Kobe Bryant, and his father was always looking at him to make sure that the bully would not have harassed his son.

In his teenage years, demar derozan had already begun to study Bryant’s every step. When he was 16 years old, he met Kobe Bryant for the first time at his summer camp at the University of Loyo La Macton, and Bryant quickly took a fancy to him, and at the first moment they met Sexual poison tongue advice. And De Luo Zan, of course, fully accepted.

Mike Conley – An Active and Aggressive NBA Player

Mike Conley jersey australia, born on October 11, 1987 in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States ,he is a professional basketball player, the team point guard, played in the NBA Memphis Grizzlies.

Mike Conley
Mike Conley

In the 2007 NBA Draft, Mike Conley in the first round of the fourth overall by the Memphis Grizzlies selected, officially entered the NBA. 2012-13 season, Conley selected NBA “best defensive team second team”; 2013-14 season, won the NBA sports moral fashion award. 2015-16 season, once again won the NBA Sports Ethics Award. In 2007, Mike Conley chose to leave the school in advance to enter the NBA shop australia draft, before the draft in Orlando test, Mike Conley to 268.47 points to 80 percent of the test players to participate in the first four, after the runaway vertical take-off height reached 40.5 inches

Mike Conley stay in the North Lawrence North for (Lawrence North compile) four seasons, a record in four years led to 103 wins and 7 losses. In the Indiana Basketball Prize he get the  second, second only to teammate Greg Oden. Conley also selected McDonald’s America’s best high school student lineup, McDonald’s all-star game, Conley won the team’s top 10 rebounds. Conley won the ARADE All-American award in his graduation year. After graduation with teammate Dai Quinn Cook and Greg Oden joined the Ohio State University.

Conley to participate in the 39 games all get the first, getting averaging 11.3 points out of the team 3,6.1 assists and 2.2 steals ranked first in the team. Shooting 52 percent from the field and 3 percent from the field. 21 scored double-digit, in the game with Michigan to get a career-high 23 points. 6 times to win 10 or more assists, 3 times to get 5 steals and beat Cincinnati in the game to grab the highest career eight rebounds. Averaged 16.0 points, 4.8 assists, 2.0 steals and 5.0 rebounds in the NCAA 6 tournaments. In the Florida NCAA Jerseys Australia championship game he get 20 points, 6 assists, and 4 steals.

The Most Powerful Man in the Sports World – Lebron James

Over the past few years, James has become a social media observers. When the basketball world or his team basketball singlets australia is in chaos, he always focuses on other matters in social media.

After the team was defeated by the Warriors in the finals this summer, James was very active in social media, he made a black bald fitness video, counterattack Raymond – Green’s ridicule, upload his son’s birthday cake, and his Long-term cooperation of the trainer’s birthday party, July 7, he uploaded a play in the Mexican beach self-timer.

lebron james 2017
lebron james 2017

You can not feel Cleveland at the moment of undercurrent. The team’s summer work can be described as a mess, and general manager David – Griffin broke up, did not move Chauncey Billups out of the mountains. The team missed the loss of Paul – George and Jimmy – Butler, James did not disappointed expression. Especially George from Cleveland lebron jersey australia a step away, and finally went to the Thunder. James did not say that only with the “pursuit of great” label content.

The fact that the Cavaliers together with the pursuit of great time may not much, James has not made the next summer to stay in the team that, although we all think that now the knight’s lineup can hit next year’s June

But on July 7 when James was still on the beach in Mexico to enjoy the holidays, Carey – Owen has a new plan. He is tired of doing Batman side Robin, and he did not want another superstar – probably the greatest superstar in the history – to control their own destiny. With James’s three seasons he learned, he felt that the fate of control in their own hands. He wanted to be the absolute core of a team, three years ago he thought so. James decided to go home in 2014 11 days before he finished with the Cavaliers 5 years to renew.

Unlike Owen’s long, James signed three short-term contracts, next summer he will be able to become a free agent again. Although he did not make the idea of leaving Cleveland cheap basketball jerseys melbourne, he did not guarantee the fourth contract with the Cavaliers. Knight has realized that James is unwilling to make any guarantee of his future.


A famous NBA player Paul George – Fans in AU Store NBA Sports

Paul George born on May 2, 1990 is an American professional basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA) paul george jersey okc. He is a four-time NBA All-Star and has been named three times to the All-NBA Team and NBA All-Defensive Team.


George played high school basketball for Knight High School before playing two seasons of college basketball at Fresno State. He was selected by the Indiana Pacers with the 10th overall pick of the 2010 NBA draft, and earnedNBA All-Rookie Second Team honors. He was named the NBA Most Improved Player in 2013, when he also earned his first All-Star selection. George suffered a broken leg in 2014 while competing for a roster spot on the United States national team for the FIBA Basketball World Cup. He missed most of the 2014–15 season, but recovered to become an All-Star again in 2016.

George was born on May 2, 1990 in Palmdale, California, and is the son of Paul George Sr. and Paulette George. He grew up with two older sisters: Teiosha, who played basketball at Pepperdine, and Portala, who played volleyball at CSU-San Bernardino.Although George idolized Lakers star Kobe Bryant, he grew up rooting for the Los Angeles Clippers. George spent most of his free time playing basketball at the park or one-on-one against his older sister Teiosha.He did not play organized basketball until his freshman year atKnight High School. He played for the varsity basketball team his last three years of high school under head coach Tom Hegre. George played for Pump and Run of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) with future UCLA Bruins Jrue Holiday and Malcolm Lee

The development of Demar DeRozan – NBA AU Sports

Demar DeRozan, born August 7, 1989 in Compton, California, USA, a professional shooting player, a division shooting guard, played for the NBA Toronto Raptors Demar DeRozan jersey australia.

De Mar Del Dallas averaged 26.1 points and 8.4 rebounds per game, averaging 22.6 points and 8.4 rebounds in the second year, averaging 22.3 points, 7.8 rebounds, 3.0 assists, 3.2 steals, averaging 29.2 points, 7.9 rebounds, 3.9 assists and 3.0 steals in the fourth quarter, he leading the Compton High School for the second consecutive year to win the Moors League title.

Demar DeRozan jersey australia
Demar DeRozan jersey australia

demar derozan jersey youth has been selected as the best team in California and the most valuable player of the Moore League, selected by the Parade magazine named the best team and the West Bank a team, selected McDonald’s US high school star team and won the dunk contest champion, Selected today the United States ranked the best team in the United States team. Invited to participate in the Jordan Classic and Nike peak race, and in the Nike peak race to get the team’s highest 17 points.

On February 14, 2010, De Mar de Rozan as the Dallas All-Star weekend dunk contest the last one to qualify for the race in the first round of the Lakers buckle Shannon Brown and the Bobcats star Gerrard Walter The success of the finalists. In the final, De La Zan only weak to the disadvantage of “little potatoes” Nate Robinson, missed the dunk contest championship trophy.In 2009-10 season, DeMar deRozann played NBA Australia a total of 77 times for the Raptors, averaging 8.6 points and 2.9 rebounds can be scored. DeRozan is the fourth in the history of the Raptors in the opener to get the opportunity to start the rookie players, Demar won a total of 65 first chance,get the first three in the team history.

The story of Tony Parker – A Best NBA Guard

Tony Parker’s father is Chicago, he was a good defender, dream of playing for the Bulls, but failed to enter the NBA Jerseys Free Shipping Australia eventually, then the old Parker went to Europe, was removed in the Netherlands and Belgium to play, and finally ended his career in France.

Tony Parker was born in Belgium and grew up in France. In France, football is more popular than basketball, when Parker’s idol is Platini, his room close to a beautiful goal of the Platini goal.

In June 1991, Parker came to his father’s birthplace in Chicago, witnessed the Chicago Bulls won the first Champions League scene, basketball god Michael Jordan’s performance to Parker stunned, and thus set a new goal to join the NBA  . Then Parker did two things: First, the original name of the French name Anthony Parker changed to the same as his father Tony Parker, Parker is determined to continue his father did not complete the NBA dream Yang. Second, the picture of his room that Platini replaced his photo which with Jordan.

April 1, 2015, Tony Parker face his NBA store career in 1000 regular season, he got 16 points, the Spurs also beat the Heat. 32-year-old 318 days of Parker to become the NBA history career regular season to reach 1,000 third young players. The top two were Kobe Bryant (31 and 184 days) and Kevin Garnett (32 and 165). He is also the second in the history of the Spurs played 1,000 regular season players, second only to Tim Duncan (1322 games). This 1000 Park Parker made 718 wins, the highest number of NBA players in the first 1000 wins. Ranking followed by: Scott Pippen (715 wins), Duncan (707 wins) and Danny Anji (691 wins)

April 8, 2015, the Spurs  to challenge the Thunder., Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili played at the same time, this is their side by side fighting the 730 games, beyond the Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish, became the same time in the NBA history played three times the group

The best NBA player James – Where to Buy NBA Jerseys Australia

James Where to Buy NBA Jerseys Australia signed the 3 million $ 60 million contract in the Cavaliers. In 2006-2007 season, James led the Cavaliers to 50 wins the results of the NBA second second sub-team. In the December 25, James against the magic of the fourth quarter scored 19 points, the audience got 32 points, the Cavaliers to 86-83 victory over the opponent, nba jerseys store australia James’s career score of more than 7000 points. March 15, 2007, 22-year-old and 74 days of James in the game against the Grizzlies 17 of 11 shots scored 29 points, becoming the youngest player in the history of 8000 points. April 7, James got the season 2000 points, also took the career of the first 2000 assists, which became NBA history to get 8000 points, 2000 rebounds and 2000 assists the second fastest player, second only to the three pairs of King Robert Sen, James used 368 games, is the youngest player to reach this record. The first round of the playoffs is the Wizards, Knight straight four games swept the opponent. Eastern final opponent is the Pistons, Knights first in the big score to 0 to 2 behind, and finally to 4 to 2 reversal promotion. In the fifth game of the final knight after two overtime beat the Pistons, James performed well, personal scored 48 points, especially in the game after the last 30 points in the team scored 29 points. In the sixth game after the defeat of the Pistons, the Cavaliers for the first time in the history of the NBA Eastern League championship.

in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games James begain the first national team battle. As many NBA shirts australia players do not want to fight the Olympic Games, James and Anthony two as a new player’s outstanding representatives, won the opportunity for the effectiveness of the country. Athens Olympic Games, the US men’s basketball team to eat three defeats, and ultimately only harvest bronze medal. James did not get too much chance to play in the first Olympic tour.

James was also selected as the 2006 World Men’s Basketball Championship team in the United States, won the bronze medal for the US team

Why I like the Washington Wizards team


Washington Wizards, founded in 1961 and joined the NBA, is a part of the American Basketball League team in the United States, the United States Basketball League (NBA) Eastern League southeast of the Division.

Wizards, also known as the Washington Wizards, is the NBA’s largest change in the name of the team, formerly the Baltimore Bullets. From the 1960s onwards, the team is one of the strong teams in the east, continuous into the playoffs, and in the 1977-78 season won the team history, the first championship of nba singlets australia . But the 90s Wizards most of the time playing the role of losers, the entire 90 years only in the 1996-1997 season into the playoffs. With the strong rise of Gilbert Arenas in the 2004-05 season, the Wizards rejoined the playoffs. But from 2008 to 2011, the Wizards for three consecutive years and the playoffs missed, until the 2013-14 season, under the leadership of John Wall and other players, to return to the playoffs.

As a feature of this general new army, the team’s first player list is mainly composed of some old players, wandering players and a few rookie. With the pick from the champion, from the Indiana center player, Walter Bellamy is one of the most outstanding one.

1961-62 season began on October 19, 1961, the team’s first game against the Knicks, the results of 103-120 loss to the opponent. Defeated the St. Louis Hawks on October 27, the team won the first win. After the team want to win but it is difficult, under the leadership of coach Jim Pollard, the team made 18 wins and 62 negative record, ranked in the western suburbs.

Bellamy averaged 31.6 points and 19 rebounds per game, both of which kept the club record for thirty years. The tall center also created a single season scoring (2495), free throws (973) and rebounds (1500) club records, scoring only ranked in Wilt Chamberlain (average 50.4 points per game) after the second , While the 51.9% hit rate is the highest in the league.

The story of Kawhi Leonard in NBA Australia

Kawhi Leonard, born June 29, 1991 in the United States, California, one of best United States professional basketball player, the Secretary for small forward, played in the NBA San Antonio Spurs jerseys.

Kauai Leonard in 2011 through the draft into the NBA, 2011-12 season selected the best rookie lineup first team; 2013-14 season selected the best defensive team second team, with the Spurs won the NBA championship, and won Finalists are the most valuable players; 2014-15 season was elected the best defensive player and selected the best defensive first team; 2015-16 season selected All-Star West starting lineup, selected the best team first team, reelected the best defensive player And unanimously selected the best defensive first team; 2016-17 season selected All-Star West starting lineup, selected the best team first team and the best defensive first team.

On June 29, 1991, Kewei Leonard was born in the United States California River City nba store australia online. Before the ninth grade, he was playing American football, his position is defensive guard in the security guard and take over.

At the second year, Kehuai Leonard jerseys online sale transferred from the valley high school to Martin Luther King High School. High school that year, Leonard get averaged 22.6 points and 13.1 rebounds, led the school team hit 30 wins and 3 losses, was elected in 2009, California, Mr. basketball. 2009-10 season, as a rookie, Leonard created a number of records. He get averaged 12.7 points and 9.9 rebounds in 34 games, both of which were ranked first on the team and became one of the freshmen in the nation’s four-point scoring team. A total of 17 double-doubles, breaking the Michael Cage in 1981 to create 10 double-double team history. He was the number one in the Western Hills League rebounds. On December 9, 2009, he scored 23 points and 18 rebounds at the University of California at Fulton, finishing a single-game rebounding record for the Western Hills League freshman.

Tell you something about Anthony Davis


anthony davis jersey australia led the University of Kentucky to the NCAA championship, and won the most outstanding player award, averaging 4.65 times the cover of the nation’s first, while the team averaged 14.2 points, 10.4 rebounds and 62.3% hit rate. With a single season 186 times the cover to create the University of Kentucky, Southeast League and NCAA new record. Season with 20 pairs of two-lead southeast alliance, tied the new record of the University of Kentucky. Was selected as the best defensive player in the South East season, the best newcomers, selected the best team in the South East Union, the South East League best rookie team, as well as the best defensive team in the South East Union, born on March 11, 1993 in Chicago, Illinois, he is a Professional Basketball player in USA, division power forward / center, played for the NBA New Orleans Pelican team.

Anthony Davis enter the NBA in 2012, in rookie season he was selected as the best rookie first .in 2014-15 season he was selected the best team first team and the best defensive team .Anthony Davis won the London Olympic men’s basketball jerseys australia championship in 2012, in 2014 he won the men’s  basketball World Cup champion.

Anthony Davis attends the Chicago Vision Charter High School, together with Austin Rivers, known as the first national high school session anthony davis kentucky jersey for sale. In the third year, Davis get averaged 32 points and 22 rebounds and 7 blocks, and sprinkled 7 inches long, from 6 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 10 inches.

In August 2010, Davis attended the Nike Global Challenge and scored 23 points and 9 rebounds in the opener. To participate in the Jordan brand classic game with 29 points and 11 rebounds and 4 blocks, was elected joint MVP. On behalf of the United States to participate in Nike Basketball Summit get 16 points and 10 rebounds.

anthony davis jerseys
anthony davis jerseys

Davis is one of the best players in the country, and one of the five Naismith prizes. He was selected the best team in the United States.Anthony Davis led the University of Kentucky to won the NCAA championship, and won the most outstanding player award, averaging 4.65 times the cover of the nation’s first, while the team averaged 14.2 points, 10.4 rebounds and 62.3% hit rate. With a single season 186 times the cover to create the University of Kentucky, Southeast League and NCAA new record. Season with 20 pairs of two-lead southeast alliance, tied the new record of the University of anthony davis jersey kentucky. And he was selected as the best defensive player in the South East season, the best newcomers, selected the best team in the South East Union, the South East League best rookie team, as well as the best defensive team in the South East Union