The story of Chris Paul as a NBA Super Star

Cheap NBA Jerseys Chris Paul, born in May 6, 1985 at Winston-Salem, North Carolina, US professional basketball player, the team point guard, played for the NBA Houston Rockets.

2005 NBA draft, Paul first round of the fourth was selected by the New Orleans Hornets, rookie season was elected NBA rookie of the year, 9 times selected NBA All-Star team. In November 2011, Chris Paul joined the Los Angeles Clippers jerseys australia. In June 2017, Chris Paul was traded to the Houston Rockets.

On May 6, 1985, Chris Paul was born in Louis, North CarolinaVail. He opened a gas station, became the first in North Carolina has a gas station black, which has become a local legend. And Paul also likes to help his grandfather work, to help him replace the oil filter, and customers come to refuel, for customers to wipe the windshield. In Paul’s view, his grandfather was his best friend, and they were always talking about it. In addition, Paul or his brother’s stooge, no matter where his brother, he followed, so that friends are laughing that he is a small pet. Paul 3 years old, his father bought him two basketball, and in the basement to him built a course. Since then, he often looked at the small Paul took the ball into the basement. When Paul was young, Wake Forest was in the middle of the day, which made him a fan of the school, especially after joining Tim Duncan in 1993.

From their parents, Paul felt love, cultivated discipline, and started playing basketball Cheap NBA Jerseys . Charles and Robin played an important role in the growth of his son. Paul and his brother will focus on their studies, they study hard, and achieved good results. At home, the children say that bad language will be punished, to play video games can only wait until the weekend.

In Paul’s childhood, football was once his favorite. Although the height is not enough, but he is fast enough, clever and rich leader, his team’s coach is also reluctant to change his fate. And he participated in every game, the father will also watch the scene, and even asked the coach in the nearby mountains for him to build a separate training ground