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This summer, the US men’s basketball team to take a luxury cruise to Rio de Janeiro to participate in the Olympic Games. Cruise on the big man specially prepared for the big bed, as well as a variety of leisure facilities. But the Raptors defender DeMar – demar derozan jersey australia said he had never slept on that, he spent too much time to speculate on the Rio Olympics.


Of course, excuse, in addition to the Olympic Games itself brought about by the tension, he also need to worry about their own life safety issues.

But in fact really disturbed his sleep is the alarm clock. De Luozan revealed that he had to get up before 6 o’clock every morning, under the dark days, the whole yacht are in full quiet – in addition to the occasional creak and the waves of Guanabara Bay. In such a dim and quiet, he will quietly drove through the level, climbed a car, where waiting for two trainers, his cousin, the preservation of the Raptors and a fully armed bodyguard. In the drive through the half an hour in Rio de Janeiro will slowly rise in the winter, De Luo Zan remember now still bittersweet. This hard work is enough to make anyone one of the best players in history, of course, this is not easy.

The end of the trip is the flamenco stadium, this is located in the high wall inside the old arena, will be the next Kobe Bryant jersey australia .

demar derozan grew up 15 miles from the Staples Center, and grew up playing Kobe Bryant, and his father was always looking at him to make sure that the bully would not have harassed his son.

In his teenage years, demar derozan had already begun to study Bryant’s every step. When he was 16 years old, he met Kobe Bryant for the first time at his summer camp at the University of Loyo La Macton, and Bryant quickly took a fancy to him, and at the first moment they met Sexual poison tongue advice. And De Luo Zan, of course, fully accepted.