The story of Tony Parker – A Best NBA Guard

Tony Parker’s father is Chicago, he was a good defender, dream of playing for the Bulls, but failed to enter the NBA Jerseys Free Shipping Australia eventually, then the old Parker went to Europe, was removed in the Netherlands and Belgium to play, and finally ended his career in France.

Tony Parker was born in Belgium and grew up in France. In France, football is more popular than basketball, when Parker’s idol is Platini, his room close to a beautiful goal of the Platini goal.

In June 1991, Parker came to his father’s birthplace in Chicago, witnessed the Chicago Bulls won the first Champions League scene, basketball god Michael Jordan’s performance to Parker stunned, and thus set a new goal to join the NBA  . Then Parker did two things: First, the original name of the French name Anthony Parker changed to the same as his father Tony Parker, Parker is determined to continue his father did not complete the NBA dream Yang. Second, the picture of his room that Platini replaced his photo which with Jordan.

April 1, 2015, Tony Parker face his NBA store career in 1000 regular season, he got 16 points, the Spurs also beat the Heat. 32-year-old 318 days of Parker to become the NBA history career regular season to reach 1,000 third young players. The top two were Kobe Bryant (31 and 184 days) and Kevin Garnett (32 and 165). He is also the second in the history of the Spurs played 1,000 regular season players, second only to Tim Duncan (1322 games). This 1000 Park Parker made 718 wins, the highest number of NBA players in the first 1000 wins. Ranking followed by: Scott Pippen (715 wins), Duncan (707 wins) and Danny Anji (691 wins)

April 8, 2015, the Spurs  to challenge the Thunder., Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili played at the same time, this is their side by side fighting the 730 games, beyond the Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish, became the same time in the NBA history played three times the group