Oklahoma City Thunder Team – The Kevin Durant’s Old Home

Oklahoma City Thunder is a Oklahoma City Kevin Durant Jerseys Australia professional basketball team in the United States, the team predecessor Seattle SuperSonics was established in 1966 and joined the US Basketball League (NBA), affiliated to the NBA Western Union in the Northwest Division.

1978-79 season, the Sonics played the team’s first 50 wins in the season, and won the team’s first NBA championship in history. In 2008, the Sonics moved to Oklahoma City and renamed the Thunder. 2011-12 season, the Thunder team with Kevin Durant nba jerseys online, Russell Westbrook, James Harden three less good people to play the Western Championship, but the finals by the Miami Heat 4-1 victory. 2012-13 season, the Thunder made the first round of the regular season record.

Seattle Super Sonics was born in Seattle, is the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer Boeing’s headquarters. When the team was founded in 1967, Boeing was developing a supersonic airliner, and the team created by Boeing had chosen the name “supersonic”. In the summer of 2008, the Seattle SuperSonics moved home to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the team was renamed Oklahoma City Thunder.

Seattle was allowed to form a team to join the NBA on December 20, 1966. The team began to join the NBA from the 1967-68 season, including the San Diego Rockets in the same year. The Sonics at the 1967 NBA Draft With the first round of the first six picks selected from the Baptist University player Al Tucker, the new team hired Al Bianqi as the first bishop.

The game won the first game, the opponent is just the same into the NBA’s San Diego Rockets.

In the December 12 against the Philadelphia 76ers game, they were opponents crazy 160 points, which is the team lost the most history of a game. Sonics in the season the rest of the game, there are four times have been opponents get more than 150 points score, that season the team averaged a score of up to 125.1 points per game. While the Sonics scored the most of a match on the evening of February 11, when they beat the San Francisco golden state Warriors jerseys online au by 146 to 118.